So finally, some brand spankin’ new Midnight Juggernauts. These guys would easily have to be one of my favourite Melbourne bands, so news that the gents are ready with some new stuff forced me to go buy a new pair of pants. And that’s a double win, coz I needed a new pair.

And if Russian pop music shows (ala Countdown) are your kinda thing then I reckon the clip will be up your alley. Even if it’s not your thing, then you’ll love the freaking clip. Too good. Fucking ace song too!!

Ballad of the War Machine is the first taste off the bands 3rd album due out for release mid 2013 via Siberia Records / Remote Control.

If you’re a Juggers fan, then make sure you check ’em out as they tour the new single. They’re always ace live.

‘Ballad of the War Machine’ Tour

Friday 19 April – The Zoo, Brisbane
With special guests YesYou and Young Men Dead
Details here.

Saturday 20 April – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
With special guests YesYou and Four Door
Details here.

Wednesday 24 April – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne
With special guests YesYou and Client Liaison
Details here.


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