Wow. I could listen to this all day. This is easily one of the loveliest songs I’ve heard in quite some time.

Tomas Strode & The Tour Guides are responsible for making me feel pretty warm and fuzzy and contemplative this afternoon. What a freakin great start to the week.

Their new single ‘Broken Road’ features the excellent girls from Aluka – those vocal harmonies add this beautiful extra level of warmth that, in my eyes/to my ears, make the track. I’m actually sitting at my desk kind of wanting to cry.

You can download the track for free below, and if you dig, make sure you check out their other stuff on their soundcloud.

The bands debut full length Graceful Mistake is due out later this year.

If you’re in Melbourne, make sure you check out the guys launch the single at The Workers Club on Wed 27th March.


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