There’s one song that has been in my head non-stop. For a whole week. And, man, it actually isn’t annoying the hell outta me. that’s pretty rare!

Gang Of Youths are from up here in Sydney town (first time I’ve put ‘up here’ and ‘Sydney town’ in such close proximity – but hey, happy to claim Sydney as home when there’s bands like GOY). They’re also pretty versatile. The aforementioned non annoying song, ‘Strange Diseases’ is one of those anthemic pop songs that, you can imagine, live, would be pretty fucking incredible to see.

Then there’s their track ‘Riverlands’. Something on the other end of the freakin’ spectrum. It has this overexposed but still mellow sounding piano, and this deep brooding voice that transports you to another place.

If you dig, and your up in Sydney, then make sure you check out these boys live – they’re playing at FBi Social on Sat March 9. Details here.


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