This is a great little track. That cut up guitar that the song is built upon give the track this real organic feel, something when melded with some great electronic glitches, works freakin well.

This is the first single taken from Brightly‘s debut full length…and it’s streaming below. But, there is a way you can get your own copy of ‘Preflight Nerves’. And then the possibility of scoring a copy of the album not with cash, but lots of love.

The Beginnings & Endings Project is all about spreading that love and seeing where  in the world your love ends up.

More details over at the site itself, but make sure you sign up and grab a copy of the single. And then of course, share the link you get and hopefully you’ll score an album out of it! Check it all out over at

These guys are a really hard working Melbourne band…and the track is proof of it. 2013 might just be a great year for them.



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