December is usually a bit of a quiet month when it comes to new music. Most of us blogs are busy doing end of year lists etc (the maamf list will be up by the end of the week). But then something pretty fucking exciting comes through and blows it outtathepark.

Raus is a Canberra based dude doing some some incredibly good glitchy, poppy electronica music. His first EP, Killerwhale is nuts. It’s strange and at times, otherworldly, but always accessible. Raus himself has a bit of musical training behind him, which you can hear – there is a real level of sophistication to this stuff. From the beats that almost sit on top of each other, to the real jazz influences (the keys on all four of the tracks), it’s music that you need to listen to a lot, because every time you give it a go, it gives you something new.

My faves are streaming below…and if you dig, you can download the full EP over on Raus’s bandcamp.



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