I was lucky enough to get my hands on an EP entitled Bad Blocks by a duo called South City Sushi Cop and had that ‘shit, these dudes are fucking incredible’ moment. With a name like South City Sushi Cop, I didn’t really know what I was getting into. But it’s one of the best thoughtful, ambient-techno pop releases I’ve heard this year.

Sitting at 6 tracks long, Bad Blocks is definitely something danceworthy, and hey, look, on one hand, it’s an EP 5/6ths full of dancefloor ready techno-pop bangers (track 5, ‘Seven Fields of Sigh’ offers some respite from the crazy moves). But on the other hand, and if you listen to the production, the instrumentation, and the reflective vocals, it has this really carefully constructed, interesting quality to it. There’s a heightened level of atmosphere, a bed of warmth sitting underneath every track that although the music itself doesn’t necessarily elicit a strong summer vibe, still helps to keep me warm on a cool Melbourne afternoon.

I’d highly recomend you get your dirty hands onto this release – it’s pretty fucking good. I got streams of my two faves below though – the  sporadic, manic, chiptune infused ‘Forest Spitting Cola’ and ‘Where You’re From’, a track with a really strong club vibe to it, complete with elements of Presets, be it from the big chorus drops, or the pulsating, full-on kick drum groove.

Free download of the EP over on the bands bandcamp page.


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