Faux Pas is back with some new stuff! I’ve been following Tim Shiel for a while (yeah dude, that was me knocking on your window last night. nah, not really.).

Tim is releasing a new album entitled Remixes on August 20. And funnily enough, it’s an album full of remixes.

The first track from the album is his remix of Sydney glitchy folk superstar Caitlin Park‘s track ‘Baby Teeth’. You can check out the original here.

The remix is some killer, moody dance floor goodness. Extends the original into something quite amazing – those little piano flourishes are so nice!

You can stream/download the track below and make sure you keep your eye out for the album. Looking forward to this one!



One response

  1. Heard this on Home & Hosed last night – it’s great!!

    August 14, 2012 at 8:41 PM

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