This is a pretty big EP, absofuckinglutely complete with some of the big big big (read: BIG) names of the Aussie dance scene…and a London duo thrown in for good measure.

RÜFÜS are one of those live dance acts that are slaying it. After some large releases, the boys have put out the This Summer/Selena Remixes EP. You’ve probably noticed a few of the remixes around a bit, that Lancelot one has been getting a fair bit of coverage!

For me, it’s the Softwar remix – it messes the vocals a bit – you have to listen to hear it sit, but hell man, when it clicks, it’s one good techno remix masterpiece. You can stream that below, and if you dig, make sure you buy it.

RÜFÜS – This Summer (Softwar Remix)


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