Ok, so I actually really loved the first Temper Trap album, although quite a few out there had different ideas. Sure they were once a Melbourne local indie band that had a killer live reputation and a few tracks out there on the blogs. And now they’re perhaps one of the biggest Australian exports this country has seen. But meh, it all be Tall Poppy Syndrome to me. Some people gonna hate.

All that said however, I’m not that fussed on their new album. Granted, I’ve only heard a handful of tracks off it, but yeah, overall it doesn’t do it for me. Latest single ‘Trembling Hands’ is a pretty decent track though.

There’s a few remixes popping up of the track too which is good to see given that the track is in 6/8 which suggests it may be harder to make a four to the floor banger. But, Strange Talk have done that.

The Strange Talk remix keeps the dark quite sad feel of the original and puts this slow groove underneath. I almost think it could be slowed down even more, but it still kills.

Another remix getting a fair bit of attention is from Chet Faker. I loved this when I first heard it…then I went off it a bit. Now, it’s slowly starting to grow on me again. It keeps that 6/8 groove but lowers it all, giving Dougie’s voice this eery slightly robotic sound. The big psych out thing going on at the end takes the track somewhere else. Works a heap.


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