This is such a good song. Plain and simple. As I said when I posted the new Love Migrate clip on the maamf facebook page a week ago, ‘This seriously grabs a hold of you and wraps you up’. You can get lost in this song – the warmth and texture that slowly builds just kills.

Before you listen to it though, make sure you plug in a decent pair of headphones. All I can say is wow. Eddie’s breathy vocals are just beautiful.


The clip is seriously good too. Captured by Dylan Wiehahn, it, like the song, takes a hold.


The guys are set to follow up ‘Plagued Are All My Thoughts’ with another taste of their debut album late July.

You can also check out the band as they support another Melbourne fave, I, A Man as they launch their new single, ‘The Scenic Route’. Tix here.


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