Really really really enjoying this new track from Melbourne disco wonderkids World’s End Press. The single got it’s debut over on Mess & Noise, and I’ve been visting that page ever since because I couldn’t find an actual direct soundcloud link! Tricky work fellas.

But now, it’s gone live, and as soon as I jumped online this morning, it was over to iTunes to download the badboy.

Dan Whitford helped them out with this track…and you can tell. The whole sound is a little more produced than the stuff on the Faithfull EP. Having caught them live at Laneway last year though, I think this track would work as well live as their earlier stuff. Those synth stabs in the chorus would surely make people go ape shit.

The guys’ debut full length is coming out later on in the year, and going by the first cut, looking forward to it a heap!

World’s End PressSecond Day Uptown


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