Muscles is gonna be releasing his second album in a few weeks. Entitled ‘Manhood’ it’s one album I’m definitely keen on hearing this year. More info about the album over on the Modular site.

Anyway, the first single from the album dropped the other day. It’s some hard Euro disco kinda stuff, but still with that distinctive lazy Muscles vocal. There’s some uneasyness in this track, that major triad that’s played in the chorus (music nerds unite!) against that almost harsh sounding vocal sound. I really like that. It’s not just another track that makes immediate sense and follows some formula. I think given Muscles‘s music chops, he’s able to pull this off rather well.

Make sure you check out the fella when he launches the new album throughout June and July. Deets in that massive poster above!

Muscles – Ready For A Fight by modularpeople


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