Melbourne dudes Clubfeet have just released their new single from their massive release Gold On Gold. The single, BrightLightsBigCity is already a rather chill dreamy track full of that sense of fun that Clubfeet seem to get across so effortlessly.

Then comes the 6 remixes. Perhaps my fave is the Mercury remix – that bass line that gets it going and those synth stabs that kick in just past half way. It makes the whole thing a bit of a dark epic.

Another killer remix would be the mix done by All Dom Wrong (Dominique – The Glass/Plant Music). Changes it up into some big piano led house number.

You can check out the whole thing on Clubfeet’s soundcloud and if you dig, you can buy ’em over on iTunes.

ClubfeetBrightLightsBigCity (Mercury Remix)

ClubfeetBrightLightsBigCity (All Dom Wrong Remix)

Also check out the rather nice clip.


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