Ben Salter

I’m loving Ben Salter‘s solo debut, The Cat. Member of several bands, including The Gin Club, he’s now showing what he can do alone on this 12-track solo LP which has been in the works one way or another for going on 10 years. The songs are beautifully written stories, with excellent melodies littered with little quirks that keep it interesting. Co-produced with Gareth Liddiard and Robert F Cranny the sound is really well done, capturing the rough edges perfectly and balancing out the clear melodies, but also leaving a nice amount of silence and space which means it’s not over-done.

I actually don’t really like the title track, ‘The Cat’, pretty much only because of the saxophone solo which I’ve tried to get past but just can’t do it… Favourite is probably ‘Opportunities’, which is pretty simple and straight forward but in Salter’s hands comes out sounding fresh and demanding repeat listens.

The whole album works really well though and is definitely best when taken the time to listen all the way through, including the hypnotising journey that is the seven minute ‘West End Girls’ and the beautiful closer, ‘Last Night I Dreamt I Was Chasing You’.

Stream it on bandcamp or order it on vinyl or CD there too…

Ben Salter – Opportunities



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