Ok. So you would have definitely heard Fly by Nantes. Flogged to death by the JJJ’s, it has that kinda familiar opening piano riff that reminds me so much of All My Friends by LCD Soundsystem it’s not funny. That said, it is a catchy as hell pop song and you can understand why it’s going gangbusters.

The Nantes boys have a new single out though, called Charlie. Taken from their debut self titled EP, it’s a bit more rollicking, has a bit more swagger, but it’s still a well written, piano led killer pop song.

There seems to be an absolute heap of indie pop music coming out of this country at the moment, and I’m guessing it’s hard for your stuff to stand out. So far, so good for the Nantes guys. Time will tell aye!

We got both Fly and Charlie as a stream down below. If you like the sounds and are keen to check them out live, check out their tour event page on facebook.






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