ok. So today was the first day of Triple J Unearthed radio. There is an absolute heap of hype for this thing, which, on the most part is fair enough. There is a bit of a problem in the uptake in digital radio in Australia, so I guess only time will tell. It is also being streamed online though, as well as via their iPhone app.

Anyway, they’ve been simulcasting the Unearthed station on the normal JJJ’s today, and one of the artists that sparked a bit of interest was Caitlin Park. She does the indie folktronica thing pretty darn well, and man, those ping pong sounds that form the beat in her track Baby Teeth get me every time. I’ve actually just downloaded her album off iTunes and i’m glad. Caitlin is from Sydney, but there’s something pretty Melbourne sounding about her whole sound. Make sure you check out her Unearthed profile for a bit of a taster, and if you like, grab her album (iTunes link).

Caitlin Park – Baby Teeth



2 responses

  1. ash

    Very interesting sound.

    October 5, 2011 at 7:12 PM

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