Regurgitator were easily one of the most important bands of my teens. Even if it was only one album I truly got into. That album was of course Unit. I remember buying it with my Mum (i was hardcore) – I would have been 13. I don’t think mum noticed the 18+ sticker on the front and i’m also pretty sure the owner of the record store didn’t really care.

It was an important album because it had some of the greatest songs of my high school years. It also gave an impressionable 13 year old a pretty fresh vocabulary.

Anyway, you can check out Unit over on iTunes and make sure you check out why it got #10 in the triple j hottest 100 Australian albums of all time.

Anyway, they have a new track. A few albums later, band in the bubble stuff and the odd side project, they’re back. It’s that radio friendly pop that they do so well with that chorus that comes in and kicks. It sounds like a mature ‘gurge. I like this song! Makes me contemplate my own mortality etc. You know. The usual.

You can grab it for free from their facebook.

Regurgitator – One Day




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