I gotta be honest. I saw Laura Jean years ago support Ben Lee at Ding Dong lounge in Melbourne town about 6 months before Lee had that big Catch My Disease etc album. And I really didn’t dig it. Granted, my taste was a bit different back then and things that were a little different, and not as poppy kinda scared me. Not as in BOO scare. Just as in, I didn’t know what to think.

Anyway, cut 6 or so years down the track and I’m sitting in my bedroom listening to Zan host 2011 on Triple J. And she plays this song by Laura Jean…and yes. It is good! Still bluesy, but it makes sense to me now. Track is called Missing You and you can grab it for free from her facebook page. It’s a really well written song, sounds like Melbourne, but still has that bluesy feel. LIKE!

Laura Jean – Missing You

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