sometimes remixes hit the right spot. sometimes they hit you in the face (more often than not, not the ‘right spot’). Fishing are two fellas out of Sydney town who do some pretty interesting pop music. They had a track last year called OOOO which has that Avalanches samples all over the shop sound.

Anyway, they’ve had their way with Jonathan Boulet’s track from late last year You’re A Animal. Fishing have done some pretty stellar remixes over time (make sure you check out their remix of Cloud Control’s This Is What I Said as well as Alpine’s Heartlove. Their remixes, to me, have this real funky element. They’re all pretty groove laden and they use the best parts of the original and always make it their own. The Jonathan Boulet remix is def no exceptione. The chopped up and looped vocals gives the track a really good base. Whilst it’s not as percussive as the original, it’s one of those tracks that builds and is layered as all fuck.

This one definitely hits the right spot.

Jonathan Boulet – You’re A Animal (Fishing Remix)


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