Winter Street are a Melbourne band writing some of the best moody indie rock I heard in quite a while. Their song There We Stand is urgent, pretty fierce, energetic as fuck, and just plain kills. Produced by Tom Iansek of Big Scary, the recording process seemed to perhaps make the song what it is.

Iansek said this of recording the track-

“I can’t promise that this will turn out well, but we’ll see”

When you’re forced to man the front door to shut up angry neighbors complaining about the noise and to lie down on the floor to keep the kick drum in place whilst being played, you’d think the recording process would’ve taken it’s toll. But, from shitty, difficult times, often comes great things.

This isn’t a track that I would usually post on maamf, but i’m a sucker for a good story, and an even bigger sucker (sounds bad aye?!) for top notch song writing. You can stream and download the track below.

Winter Street – There We Stand

If you’re a Melbourne local, make sure you check out the gents launching the single at The Grace Darling on Saturday May 28. Supporting the gents are Made In Japan (SYD) and Wilfred Jackal.

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