yep. what a good name! Snapdragons is one dude, Ben Ferguson from Radelaide. I actually first heard of this dude a while ago – back in Feb. He sent me one of his original tracks, called Miracles which I kind of liked. Never got round to posting though.

But, a more recent track of his, or should I say remix, is that of Boy & Bear’s absolutely massive song Mexican Mavis. From what I hear Boy & Bear are doing some good things os, so for Snapdragons to touch a track by them was definitely a good move.

That, and the remix is also really good. Bit more straight up than the more diy/drum machine sounding Miracles. I like the original track, but it was never a fave of mine. Boy & Bear, to me are a little too much like Mumford & Sons which I don’t like a whole heap. Mexican Mavis is a well written, well crafted song though. And what I think is good about the remix is the fact that he’s seen that and hasn’t messed around with it too much. The vocals suit his remix perfectly, especially that little cut up vocal riff that ends up being the main kind of riff throughout.

Anyway, you can check it out down below.

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