Boogie 5!

Boogie 5 took place on Bruzzy’s Farm in Tallarook on the weekend and what a fun time it was! It was yours truly’s first time and I loved every minute.

There were lots of random happenings which made a sort of “create-your-own-festival” vibe. From dancing up a storm in the cabin at the top of hill, to Money for Rope playing a secret gig behind the dam, to the madness of the Shed, there were all sorts of fun things to be found.

Musical highlights for me were The Felice Brothers who were absolutely phenomenal and Graveyard Train who got the whole crowd going and brought the house down when they came on to do ‘Bit by a Dog’ as an encore. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from Barbarian, mostly because they were absolutely terrifying, or as one friend described it “they raped my mind and ejaculated into every story I’ve told.”

It was a beautifully run festival with lots of kids activities too which made for a fun atmosphere. Boxwars especially got much more entertaining when the kids took over and started smashing the crap out of each other! The food was delicious, drinks not too expensive and it was amazing to have a nice warm building to retreat to when it all just got too cold at night.

Looking forward to Boogie 6!

The Felice Brothers – Frankies Gun!


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