ok. So if you’re here in Australia and you spend at least some time listening to triple j, then you most likely would have heard the name Dead Letter Chorus.

But, if you’re anything like me, you probably wouldn’t hear a song and think, hey, that’s Dead Letter Chorus. That and the fact that there’s another band called Dead Letter Circus who do that ott anthemic rock stuff which I really don’t dig.

So, when this new track came my way, I was interested to actually put a sound to the name. After hearing their new single Yellow House i fell for them. And then I looked them up on hypem to check out if anyone had blogged any of their other stuff. And then I realised, Dead Letter Chorus are that band that do that song for the Toyota ad! And that song (Run, Wild) is lovely.

Anyway, new track Yellow House is indie pop perfection. Has that excellent mix between a polished well produced sound and that diy bedroom production. It’s harmony lovin, driving indie pop goodness that will be sure to make even the worst person crack a wry smile. It’s that kind of stuff that makes you a little bit warm. Wanky i know, but true!

Check out the track below and stay tuned for their 2nd album Yearlings which’ll be dropping in June. The guys are also playing CMJ in October, so I reckon worldwide domination is probably the next logical step.

Dead Letter Chorus – Yellow House


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