So this is what happens when you don’t blog for a while and you get sent some pretty sweet as local music. You miss out on launches and gigs that otherwise would have been pretty darn killer. A launch that I did miss out on was that of Owls Of The Swamp.

Owls Of The Swamp is actually just one dude – Melbourne based Pete Uhlenbruch. He’s set to release his second album mid year and  has just returned from his fifth European tour (that be commitment).

The first single is So Far Away and to be honest, I dismissed this one when I first heard it. Was too clean sounding. I love indie folk singer/songwriter stuff but on first listen, this didn’t do it for me. I left it on my iPod though and it came on every now and then (I downloaded the track about a week ago) and everytime I heard it, I heard something new. There’s a level of warmth about this track that I hadn’t noticed first time round. Lyrics are also pretty nice – it was written in Germany and has this longing for home thing going on which is kinda sweet and stuff. Anyway, keep an eye out for this gentleman. This track is already getting a bit of play on Triple J so he must be doing something right.

Owls Of The Swamp – So Far Away


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