and so it begins. I’ve been a little out of action lately. Work has been hectic (i’m doing a few hours of work today as well as a few hours of blogging). Hopefully today, tomorrow and the rest of the week (there’s definitely enough music) will be full of some pretty sweet posts about some pretty sweet bands/acts etc etc etc.

so first up today we got Only The Sea Slugs. These guys are out of Sydney and do some pretty nicely produced indie pop. Well crafted songs with good instrumentation – the xylophone in the break down is niiiiccceee. Their new track Big Sky is part of a new mini album entitled Street Music that they’re putting out later on this year. You can grab the new single down below and make sure you check the guys out live. They’re close to the end of their east coast tour so Sydney and Brisbane dudes, check ’em out (deets here)

Only The Sea Slugs – Big Sky


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