so we’ve posted about the Cosmo Black fellas quite a bit before. We got yet another brand spankin new single from the gents. Light It Up is a supes fun jam which has those big synths that appeared in their earlier single When Night Becomes The Morn. You always know a band are onto a good thing when they find a sound and go with it.

The new track comes with two remixes from Nine Tales (Melbourne bad boy Swick and a gentleman by the name of Gerald) and Loot & Plunder. We got the single as well as the tropicalish/funkish/damn great Loot&Plunder remix below (You can stream it all on their Soundcloud page too).

There is also a B-Side. And actually, when I said it’s great when bands find their own sound and run with it and that Cosmo Black have done that with this new single, it was before I’d listened to this track. It’s called Dia De Los Muertos (already by the name you know it gonna be different). It’s actually quite lovely though, complete with violin, Spanish clapping etc etc etc. There is synth half way through though and it brings this sad Spanishish love song (Cosmo wroe it to impress a girl…who wasn’t impressed) into this real slow synth built groove with that violin riff bringing it the whole way through. Check it below.

Cosmo Black – Light it up

Cosmo Black – Light it up (Loot & Plunder Remix)

Cosmo Black – Dia De Los Muertos


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