courts of erin

ok. So I saw Sparkadia support Faker a few years ago, and just between you and me, they were just that bit better than Faker on the night.

Then they went quiet, had a bit of a lineup change (it’s ended up being a solo project for frontman Alex Burnett), moved over to the UK (East London to be exact) and came back with one massive track. That was, of course, Talking Like I’m Falling Down Stairs. That track went super big on Triple J, and rightly so. Classic pop song…and it’ll be interesting to see how it goes in the Hottest 100 next week too.

But today, now, as you read this very post, we got a new Sparkadia track. It’s called Mary. Like the Cosmo Black remix of the John Steel Singers we posted a little while ago,  it’s full of straight rhythms over swung vocals and vice versa. Gives it this effortless feel which I’m diggin once again. Sweet song. You can expect their second album on March 18th.

Sparkadia – Mary


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