It’s not often you get sent a genuinely fun remix. Adelaide via Melbourne boys Cosmo Black seem to do that though.

This hear (see what i did with the spelling there?) remix is of that slighty massive track Overpass by The John Steel Singers, a band that to be honest, I haven’t gotten into as much as what it seems the rest of the Triple J listening public have.

That said, Overpass is a pretty nice track. Love the accents and the horns. But man, this remix kills. It makes it all funky and stuff. The original is done in a bit of a swung groove, and at the beginning i thought that a remix in straight time would mess it up. But this works. Almost seems like the vocals are a little lazy and messy over the top of this straight and rigid four to the floor groove. Dig that heaps!

John Steel Singers – Overpass (Cosmo Black Remix)

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