So, no matter where you are in the world, you no doubt would have heard about the severe flooding in Queensland. Although maamf is based down here in Melbourne, you only need to turn on the tv, jump on twitter, login to facebook, turn on the radio, or simply talk to people around you to know that the floods are having a pretty dramatic effect on the whole state of Queensland. I spoke about this a little on my personal blog as well.

It’s really important to understand that much of Queensland is flooded, and 12 people have lost their lives. The Queensland capital Brisbane is also flooded. People are estimating that it will take close to two years to completely rebuild, although much of what was there will be lost forever.

This is having an effect on music venues too with both the Tivoli and The Zoo cancelling recent gigs. Seeing live music is the least of peoples worries now though.

Make sure you put forward your money to help those Queenslanders. You can donate to the Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal here, and if you so wish, the Queensland RSPCA is gathering together some money to help the many animals that have been left homeless. You can donate to that here.

This is something that has really had an effect on the whole of Australia. Please give, and for those Queenslanders, stay in there. The whole freaking country is behind you the whole way.

The Whitest Boy Alive – Courage


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