Cut Copy – Zonoscope tracklisting

There’s only a month and a bit until the new Cut Copy albums drops.

This morning the boys let us know the track listing for Zonoscope. Although tracklistings are only just words on a page until you hear the tracks themselves, it’s still exciting. It is Cut Copy after all!

They also dropped a brand new remix of the first official single, Take Me Over. Done by Thee Loving Hands (or Tim Goldsworthy to his mumma), the remix is massive. A full 10:24mins long, it is this big thing full of acapella vox and big fat climaxes. Tim Goldsworthy is of course the man that produced In Ghost Colours, the last Cutters album. YES!!

Cut Copy – Take Me Over (Thee Loving Hand Remix by Tim Goldsworthy)


Cut Copy – Zonoscope tracklisting

1. Need You Now
2. Take Me Over
3. Where I’m Going
4. Pharaohs & Pyramids
5. Blink and You’ll Miss a Revolution
6. Strange Nostalgia for The Future
7. This Is All We’ve Got
8. Alisa
9. Hanging Onto Every Heartbeat
10. Corner of the Sky
11. Sun God


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