The Parking Lot Experiments.

Sometimes, living in such a great music scene that is Melbourne, you hear so many band names and so much hype that you only end up listening to maybe a quarter of those bands.

This can lead to some probs. You miss out on some killer killer bands. On Friday night I went to go see Jonathan Boulet at the East Brunswick Club. Boulet was incredible, and his new stuff sounds equally as impressive (bit different to his first record). Anyway, I do digress. One of the bands that supported was a band called The Parking Lot Experiments. Whilst I only caught the tail end of their set, from what I saw, they sounded amazeballs. After a search, they’re also on Triple J Unearthed (That site is a goldmine, seriously!)

So, we got their track Forest Fire down below as a stream and make sure you go grab it over on their Unearthed page. It’s this meandering (in a good way) little number that kills. See these guys live – an experience in itself.

The Parking Lot Experiments – Forest Fire


One response

  1. rory

    These guys are awesome. I saw them live in Christchurch under the bus exchange. YES THEY PlAYED UNDERGROUND!!!

    May 26, 2011 at 6:43 AM

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