Canyons + Dr Dunks Disco

Dr Dunks Disco sounds kinda fun aye?

Canyons signed to Modular earlier on this year, and can I just say that they are very very very good?

Their first official single on Modular is My Rescue and you can stream it over on the Modular site and if you like, purchase it via itunes. It’s a really sweet track and is all positive and stuff. I’ve been following Canyons for a while now, and the single is far more of a ‘song’ than their earlier stuff like Blue Snakes or More Champagne (mind you I do love Blue Snakes).

Anyway, we got a remix from the dudes done by a fella calling himself Dr Dunks. This is his disco extension edit! Remix is an epic 10min number that is just a little disco and uses that two chord keys progression so freaking well – carries the whole remix. The breakdown is especially nice.

Canyons – My Rescue (Dr Dunks Disco Extension)

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