we’re back (sorta) and some NEW Middle East!

ok! So, we’re sort of back in the game. Whilst I do have my laptop back with a brand new hard drive etc, I don’t yet have any of my data. Hopefully in the next day or two though, we should all be good.

Thought I should celebrate with one of my favourite bands, The Middle East. The guys from Townsville have been slogging away on their debut LP (will be a big one me thinks!). From what I’ve read, the LP is due out  sometime in the first half of next year, and we got the first taste of it down below. Not sure whether tracks like Blood or The Darkest Side will be on the album, but if their first EP is anything to go by, I don’t really care – they’re bound to throw up some pretty incredible folk pop goodness no matter what.

The single is called Jesus Came To My Birthday Party and sees them go into a bit of electric guitar, jam kinda sound – especially towards the end. It’s a really beautiful track, and like anything The Middle East put out, I’m kinda in love.


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