So, this got me super super super excited this morning. After pulling out the phone, checking my facebook, I see that Cut Copy‘s labelModular posted up an article from SPIN mag about the new Cutters album. It has the album artwork (yep, that’s it just above), the album name, and a run down of what we can expect.

The album is called Zonoscope. And the artwork, as you can see, is rather incredible. And about the sound of the record, Cutters main man Mr Whitford reckons: “All the way along we had this weird vision of a tropical, jungle, tribal sound. A place or an idea that we wanted to reach with some of the songwriting; to explore a looping hypnotic trance and revise the whole palette of what Cut Copy was about.”

Anyway, for even more deets, check out the article over on SPIN. Also, they got part two of their making of album number three vids on there too. You can check out part one here.

The album is getting a local release on Feb 4, and will be released in the UK and Europe on Feb 7 and the US on Feb 8.

I am so bloody excited about this. And they’re playing at Laneway next year too. Seriously amazingo!


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