we’re back

We’re back bitches!

Bigger and better.

Harder and stronger.

We got this funny lookin new header up. And we’ve taken up some of your advice too. Expect a few new things to hit the maamf fan in the next few weeks or so.

To the lovely peeps that actually bothered to do the survey, thank you. For a moment then, i actually thought no-one would fill the thing out. We’ve already acted on one’s advice and got rid of that bleeding eyes background. Gonna start doing a bit more tour/music news kinda posts too. Also, to those that said they’d be up for contributing to maamf, shoot us through an email and we’ll organise that stuff (meandallmyfriends.au@gmail.com).

Gonna try and keep the posts daily too…and to get the momentum going, we got our first post going up in about an hour or so.

Dan Kelly – Hold On, I’m Coming On

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