Some time off

Hey dudes.

Maamf is taking some time off. We’ll be back bigger and better in a few weeks, hopefully by November 1. Nothing’s happening to Maamf, but something’s happening to me, Miks. As I’m sure you might know if you’re an avid maamf reader or if you actually know me, I’m writing my thesis, and I’m anticipating I’ll need the rest of October just to myself so I can get the bloody thing finished. Am locking myself in a library for the next couple of weeks and writing and editing and man, all the rest of it. Crazy times.

Anyway, enough of me and my thesis. Will be back soon better than ever. Am thinking big things for maamf next year. If you got some suggestions in the meantime though, then PLEASE fill out the Make MAAMF Better survey! There’s a link just to the right. The survey will remain active until we return, so we hope to have heaps and heaps of suggestions (one suggestion we’ve already acted on is the background…apparently it was making peeps eyes bleed. Ouch. Please forward all doctor bills to me! Haha…don’t really. Only a joke. Don’t want to pay for your bleeding eyes…don’t have the cash).

So…umm…anyway…see you in a few weeks!


Gypsy & The Cat – Time To Wander (well…actually, no wandering for me…just writin’ n’ shit.)


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