was it silverchair?

ok, so the title of this post is a bit of a long shot, but if you ever heard an old radio show called Get This (was on *whispers* triple m), then you might get this reference. Brian Nankervis from Rockwiz was in and they were having a comp where people called up and had to answer questions. It was a bit after the dude meant to be featured in this post, Gotye won an ARIA award for best male.

Brian asked a caller (an inebriated fellow called Phillip) the question: “What is the ARIA award winning Gotye’s real name?”

Phillip: “What is the ARIA good year?”

Brian: “No, No. The guy who won an ARIA the other night, Gotye, what is his real name?”

Phillip: “The guy that won an ARIA the other night was his real name?”

Tony (host of Get This): “Yes”.

Phillip: “Was it silverchair?”

Ed (other host): “I’m going to accept that, I’m going to accept that. That’s fair enough”

*Hilarity ensues*

For those who remember Get This, you can still get all the podcasts of the show on iTunes. Grab them here.

Anyway, whenever I think of Gotye, I always think of that skit. You probably have to listen to it for it to be funny.

Anywho…now that that’s out of the way, let’s get onto Gotye.

So, as Phillip couldn’t answer, Gotye’s real name is Wally de Backer. He’s been around for a while and had an absolutely massive album a few years back called Like Drawing Blood. He’s back…finally! His new single is called Eyes Wide Open and it’s kicking. Rollicks along like no tomorrow. Interesting to see how he goes live actually – from what I’ve read he sometimes does a one man show, behind a drum kit with samples etc galore. Will be able to check it out at Laneway next year…he’s on the bill!

Anyway, enough of what is probably the longest post in a while. Here’s the track!

Gotye – Eyes Wide Open (Free download via bandcamp)

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