Visiting Amy and Meredith in the Aeons

Yeah yeah, i know. Amy Meredith? Really? They’re not the greatest band out there, but then they do sound a bit like Gyroscope, and Gyroscope are actually kinda cool. Their tunes are ok, kinda catchy etc. But you wouldn’t want to readily admit to it.

Anywho, what makes this post good is the two remixes that were sent maamf’s way. First up is one by UK’s Visitor. These guys really make something of the vocals in the original. Turn it from an indie pop track into this soaring Falke(ish) 6 minute tune that kinda kills. Little cheese, but, hey, who doesn’t like a bit of cheese once in a while??!

The second remix of Young At Heart comes courtesy of Aeons. This remix kills it too. Maamf has a bit of a love affair going with Aeons, and this one doesn’t disappoint. The Aeons boys can definitely take a track and make it sound like them, which I love. Has the Aeons sound right across it. This one is minus the cheese.

Amy Meredith – Young at Heart (Visitor Remix)

Amy Meredith – Young at Heart (Aeons Remix)


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