Secret Towns

Secret Circuits. Four kids out of Yorkshire over there in the Mother country. They’ve just put out their debut EP called This Town. You can grab the title track just below.

The guys have this indie stadium rock dance crossover kinda sound and it works a treat. The title track has a rather anthemic sounding chorus, and it brings you up and makes you feel a little bit better about your day, even if the lyrics are a little bit depressing. Track 2, Hurricane is a killer. Starts off really nice punky guitars and drums and then brings in this warm synth. And the quick 3 beat bar at the end of every two bars (music terminology anyone?) gives it a real urgency that I love.

Track 3 and 4 are different yet again. Track 3, The Battle, has a real distinctive synth intro. Love the fuzzed out keys in the middle bit with lead singer Jack’s vocals. If anything, The Battle may be the weakest of the tracks, but it still kicks pretty hard. Track 4, The Ending (Parts 1 & 2) starts as a big piano ballad. Really well written stuff here. The vocals are subtle, and don’t push, but against the piano sound urgent. Difficult thing to pull off, but they have. The second half of The Ending moves it into synth territory. Real feel-good but not in a cheesy way sound. Big fat anthemic drums. The chord progression keeps you guessing a bit. This is solid stuff!

If you like what you hear below then go grab their EP off iTunes.

Secret Circuits – This Town

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