it’s started

So, if you follow us on twitter or fb you would’ve noticed that last night we raved on about how Triple J were playing the new Cut Copy single this morning (it was at 7:30…) I actually slept right through my alarm and was nearly late for work and completely Cutters on the J’s.


I got an email this morning…and I think other Cutters fans out there may have received the same one. The boys are giving away their new track Where I’m Going away for free! All you gotta do is jump along to their website, click on Download A New Cut Copy Song, put in your email address and voila, a download gets sent to you. SIMPLE!

Anyway, onto the track. There’s already been a bit of stuff written up in blog land, and people are saying it’s good, but it’s definitely different. I actually don’t think it’s that different. I agree, you can’t call the new track dance music, but it still has the Cutters sound, especially Dan’s very distinctive vocals. Love that man’s voice.

And the little “yeah’s” in the chorus are something I didn’t expect. Good touch though. Will be interesting to see what the album comes up with. Looking forward to it like there’s no tomorrow.

You can stream the track below and don’t forget to jump along to their site for your download.

Cut Copy – Where I’m Going


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