juicy fingers…mmm…chicken…

Nothing to do with chicken these guys…although now I am thinking about it…And i’m yet to have lunch. oh man! HUNGERS!


ok. So my ears can get fed with some awesome new music first…and then my tum tum can get fed with some shitty food from the uni cafe.

The band is Sticky Fingers. The dudes are from Sydney. If you like your tropical, jangly, folky, dubby, rocky kinda stuff, then these dudes fit the bill. They actually fit the solid songwriters bill pretty nicely too. And…well…then there’s Bill Nighy. They don’t really fit him.


The guys are set to release their first EP early August. It’s been produced by a bit of a maamf fave, Nick Huggins, the dude behind Goodnight Owl, Kid Sam, Whitley. And they must be doing something right. They’ve sold out gigs at The Annandale and at the Oxford Arts Factory.

Check out their track Juicy Ones just below. This song is one of those indie pop gems that are a bit few and far between.

Sticky Fingers – Juicy Ones


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