some of the best news in a while

Cutters are seriously the best band out there. Plain and simple. I heard Lights and Music live the other night on Home & Hosed and man, it is so good live.

Ok. So i’m thinking we’ve established that I love them.

But, shit just got better. This morning, i checked my twitter in bed like the lazy kid i am and lo and behold i read that Cutters have finished recording their third album and are just about to get it mixed. It looks as though Jan is the month for release, and we can expect the first single to hit us during the latter half of the year (Septemberish…). Check out the full Pitchfork article here and check out a little video Krozm has put together about the dudes making the record.


I am seriously considering going to Parklife just for them.

Cut Copy – So Haunted (Knightlife’s Sun-Soaked Reprise)

The Juan MacLean – Happy House (Cut Copy Space Is The Place Remix)


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