on the chase

so, usually we tend to post film clips on wednesday as part of our clipnesday series. But this is an exception. It’s still a film clip…but it’s from one of my favourite bands and I don’t know if I can last until next Wednesday to post it!

It is of course Goodnight Owl. It’s their first official clip for anything they’ve done…and by geez they’ve done it good.

The track is Maps & Compasses. It was one of maamf’s faves from last year too. And now the clip!

The clip has been directed by Hayden Calnin and the concept was devised by lead singer Eddie Alexander. It’s a little nuts. Eddie get’s chased and chased and chased. It’s as if the other dudes in the band want more or a role in the band or somethin…

It’s a really nice looking clip too. T’was shot down on the Mornington Peninsula down here in Victoria. If you haven’t been down that way, it’s kinda beautiful. It’s where Where The Wild Things Are was shot too.

If you wanna check out the guys live and you’re down here in Melbourne, then head to The Workers Club down in Fitzroy on Sat July 31st. They’re gonna be launching  the clip with some help from Sleep Decade who are also launching a vid and the director, Hayden Calnin.

Anyway, here’s the clip kids. Enjoy!

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