Yum. Don’t know why i’m going with a food theme, but hey, i’m just going to run with it and see what happens. This track is amazing though. The Presets have been pretty quiet of late. KIM’s been off releasing discs and touring, and well, i’m not sure what Julian’s been up to. They’ve put their touch (new touch too! more on that later) on Sarah Blasko‘s new single Hold On My Heart which I believe is due out quite soon. Ms Blasko’s doing a Australian tour in October which you can can check out more deets about here. She’s also currently touring the UK supporting The Temper Trap – should be a top notch show.

Anyway, back to this remix. It’s definitely a change for The Presets. Quite discoish actually…none of that hard techy kinda stuff they were doing. But I think, as with anything The Presets do, they do it well. The guys are classically trained musos for fucks sake.

The original is a nice song. The remix just ramps it up a little and has this nice guitar groove underneath the whole thing. The remix is available over at the Triple J New Free Music Page – always some pretty good stuff over there.

Check it out just below and don’t forget to get over to the J website and download it.

Sarah Blasko – Hold On My Heart (The Presets Remix)


2 responses

  1. The guy from the presets name is julian* haha

    May 1, 2010 at 10:24 PM

    • miks.

      Ah shit…thanks for the picking me up on that dude! All fixed up.

      May 1, 2010 at 10:47 PM

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