Bloody Hell! It’s a Skeleton Horse!

How does this sound for a description of a band’s sound?

“Instead it sounds like The Pixies and Sonic Youth got together to record a country album that was written for them by Bob Dylan and Jack White”

Impressive aye? Yup. The band is Joseph Liddy and the Skeleton Horse. And that’s exactly what they sound like.

The band is a bit of a side project for two of the dudes from The Middle East which is always a good thing (maamf is quite the fan of the Townsville band). They’re quite a bit more crazy and ‘ragged’ though. Very Bob Dylan meets Jack White. They’ve got an album coming out hopefully very soon. The tracks were written by Mr Liddy whilse he was a case worker in a rehab clinic…so you can imagine the stories he’s got to tell.

Anyway, here’s probably my fave so far (I’ve heard four tracks so far…)

JosephLiddy and The Skeleton Horse – Believer


One response

  1. anon

    Joe started this band before he went into TME

    April 23, 2010 at 6:49 PM

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