Hoonlight Mours

The Holidays are a band out of Sydney who make some pretty fun tropico-pop (there’s probably a better term to describe their music with…). Anyway, they’re track Moonlight Hours is super catchy and has been getting major play on Triple J. The guys have got a debut album coming out later on this year too which has been mixed by one Tony Espie (Avalanches, Cutters, Architecture in Helsinki…#WIN anyone?).

Definitely recommend checking out Moonlight Hours over at the bands MySpace and picking it up over at iTunes for a measly dollar seventy.

Something awesome that came through to the inbox just a while ago though was that killer Jonathan Boulet remix of the track. Jonathan Boulet is a master in his own right…but the treatment he gives to the already awesome original actually genuinely blew me away. It takes it into this dreamstate and Boulet owns it. He does something to it that just transforms it…forces you to have a mini trip.

And there’s also this vid…which is nothing other than amazing. It’s created by a fella called Moop Jaw and it’s as trippy as the remix.

The Holidays – Moonlight Hours (Jonathan Boulet Remix)

Also, check out The Holidays support Bluejuice on their Ain’t Telling The Truth Tour…I’m checking them out on Friday night down at The Prince of Wales…so full report should be up on the weekend!

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