black rocks

Cosmo Black are 3 dudes that share time between Adelaide and Melbourne. They’ve just put together a remix of a long lost Stones track, Waiting on a Friend. They do it justice too. Pushes it from lounge floor to dance floor rather nicely.

The dudes themselves are working on their first proper release at the moment with the help of Luke and Tony from awesome Adelaide Disco Kings, The Swiss.

I must admit to being a little slack with the old email…they played a show in Melbourne on Thursday night (March 25th…today is Saturday March 27th.)…but for those of you over in Radelaide, then check ’em out at TRANSMISSION on April 10. You can also check ’em out back in Melbournetown on April 17th at The Birmy. Deets over at their MySpace. They’re meant to be awesome live, so defeintely worth the check out.

I also definitely recommend heading over to their Triple J Unearthed site where you can pick up a few originals for free. Just make sure you leave them a nice review!

The Rolling Stones – Waiting on a friend (Cosmo Black Flyin’ Remix)


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