ok. Posse is this awesome thing set up by a few dudes. It let’s you sell tickets to gigs and you can make a small commission for each ticket you sell. maamf just signed up a few days ago (check out the ‘get tix‘ tab to the left)…so, you can score tix to gigs via our Posse store if you like!

We’ll get a tiny commission from each ticket sold (you to can get your own store and sell tix and earn some cash for doing so). maamf doesn’t make any cash from this blog as wordpress doesn’t allow advertising, so buying tix through our posse page is a small way of giving back to us :)

Also, we encourage you to scour the whole of Posse. If there’s a gig there that we aren’t a seller for, comment or email meandallmyfriends.au@gmail.com and we’ll add it.


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