new music first #14

A bit of a theme for today’s NMF post. Old school punky rock ‘n’ roll. Like? I do. Well written songs. All done with this kinda aggression and edginess that’s a little unrelenting. The only way.

First up we got a band called The Dig. These guys are a four-piece out of New York. They kind of have a Strokes feel about them which, is never a bad thing. Maybe it’s the whole New York thing. The guys are right in the middle of a tour with Editors and The Antlers, so for a new band, they’re doing pretty good. Good song too.

The Dig – You’re Already Gone

The Doggs are a three-piece out of Milano, Italia. Yeah, that’s right. Italy. These guys seem to have that 70’s garage punk kinda feel, and yeah, I’m guessing for the Italian music scene, they’re perhaps one of the very few who are pushing this kind of sound. The track Animal is off their self-titled EP which you can check out on iTunes

The Doggs – Animal

The Art. Well you’d think these guys are artists, as in painters. But I mean, hey, they probably chose the name because The Music was already taken. But you check out who these guys have supported…and wait for it…try Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Sonic Youth, and The Pixies next month. These guys go pretty intense. You know, hard. Screaming style vocals. Big distortion. And what’s better is that they’re local. Newtown boys and girls.

The Art – I Wanna Know

The Twerps. Great band name. The guys are from Melbourne, and according to Triple J are becoming one of Melbourne’s favourite lo-fi pop bands. The track is actually pretty funny. Has a real old school surfer vibe which i’m liking a fair bit, probably due to the way it was recorded. Mikey Young from fellow Melbourne rockers Eddy Current Suppression Ring helped record their EP onto analogue tape. Great song. Kinda funny. Has that chilled vibe. Niiccccccceeeeee!

The Twerps – Dance Alone

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