middle of the dark side

You know how sometimes, there are bands that have this really awesome song and you love it so much that it becomes your second favourite track of the year and after a while you realise that you only know that one song?

I do.

The Middle East are that band for me. And Blood was that song for me. I did know one other song by them however…and to be honest, it kind of put me off. That song was called Pig Food…and it was just too slow and naval gazing and depressing. It sounded like a Melbourne band called Laura who produce these massively long depressing tracks (I do like Laura, just in small doses!) But then another track fell into my hands. It’s called The Darkest Side and it makes me realise that The Middle East should be known for more than just the one song. It has that whole folk pop thing, the same as Blood, but a little more introspective I suppose.

Anyway, here it is. If you listen to the JJJ’s, then you’ve probably heard it. The guys also just one the J Award for best Unearthed Act. Pretty good award to win I reckon!

The Middle East – The Darkest Side

I also recommend checking out the vid for Blood. Pretty nice.

K. That’ll do the ramble for now

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